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Chain Hoists

Podemcrane always looks to offer full range of quality and reliable products at competitive cost. Our chain hoist line can be distinguished by its compact design, its superior quality and high standard of safety.
Podemcrane has through experience and research evolved its range of electric chain hoists to match the needs of today’s customer requirements.

Every hoist is confirmed by the CE marks and it is proof load tested before being delivered to the customer.


  • The CLF hoist series  - 125 kg to 2,000 kg. Sales started in June 2015. The old CLN series - available on request only; longer delivery time expected
  • The CLW series hoist, 2,000 kg to 5,000 kg.
  • Both series available with:
    • eye suspension, or top hook
    • push trolley
    • electric trolley
  • Optimized dual speed chain hoist models
  • FEM group - 1 Am and 2m

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