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CLN series / up to 2 t

IMPORTANT: From 15 Jun 2015 PODEM launch NEW CLF chain hoist series that cover light range capacity line 125 to 2000 kg CLN still available on request and longer production time.

The CLN-series range of electric chain hoists can be distinguished by the following:

  • capacity from 125kg to 2 000kg
  • extremely compact size giving the best possible closed headroom
  • exceptional quality
  • high levels of reliability

All mechanical parts are examined under stringent conditions and rigorously tested, including long term performance testing to ensure the highest quality, efficiency and extended product life.

Lifting motor

  • The cylindrical - single or dual speeds
  • class F insulation
  • FEM class 2m
  • The braking system of the chain hoist uses a 230V spring-activated electro magnetic brake which allows for quick and safe stopping allowing the load to be held at any desired height or position
  • protection - IP54

Reduction gears

  • totally enclosed and lubricated with a permanent high performance grease
  • The gears are manufactured from high tensile steel and are hardened and heat treated for smooth operation and maximum life span
  • operation temperature range of -10°C to +50°C

Overload by clutch
The slipping clutch is a safety device which limits both the up and down stroke of the chain hoist, by limiting a possible overload. It is constructed from asbestos free braking plates held und pressure by cup springs and is adjustable. The clutch is setting at 15% respect the nominal capacity of hoist.

Electrical control panel

  • fully hard wired with all components mounted on a steel backing plate
  • up to 240 operations per hour can be carried out
  • IP65 plastic enclosure
  • the panel are fully compatible and interchangeable with a full range of hoist models

Guide chain
The hoists central body and chain guide are machined from one single casting, this allows precise possitioning of the load chain into the load sprocket.

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