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Electric Power Supply

Safe and reliable power supply is used for all new cranes. It is recommended in all cases of modernization of existing systems

The enclosed conductor system is a modern design, accident proof, with moving current collectors, to feed cranes and hoists.

Accomplishing international standards, the conductor system offers the maximum guarantee against undesirable accidental contacts, allows a fast assembly and a reliable working performance.
The bars are supplied with the copper strip conductors already inserted in the isolated housing to be assembled consecutively. The electric joint of the conductors is made by connecting copper plates locked with bolt-nut. This assembly is covered with an isolated plastic joint.

The bars are manufactured, as standard, 4m. length with 4 or 5 copper conductors in five different sections (from 40 Amps. to 140 Amps.).

Technical Features:

  • Safety - Due to its external isolation it is a protected line. It is the first protected line manufactured with sealing strips by co-extrusion system.
  • Space – The conductor system fit into small spaces in comparison with other conventional electric feeding systems.
  • Expansion-shrink – Every joint of the system acts as an expansion joint absorbing the differences in length due to the expansion-shrink of the system. So, no “special” expansion joints are required.
  • Enlargements – As it is a modular system it is possible to enlarge or diminish the installation by adding or removing the modular tracks .
  • Mounting – It is very easy and quick: in one passing the line is ready to work
  • Repairs – If some track is broken it is easy to replace it for a new one without moving the rest of tracks of the lin
  • Working temperature – From -30ºC to +55ºC
  • Degree of protection – IP 23

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