Wheel Blocks

Podem wheel blocks are alternative solution for custom made end-carriages, transfer cars, double-rail trolleys and any other traveling solutions.

There are two series:

Type BC

same wheel design as Podem end-carriages. Wheel from spheroidal-graphite cast iron (GGG 70) and mechanical part from steel. Wheel diameter range from 160 to 500mm. Maximum lead load = 20 000kg

Type PB

universal wheel block design with vey large range of application – design 2020. Spheroidal-graphite cast iron (GGG 70) for wheels, but also for mechanical structure. Many options for connection and fixing. Available range of 200, 250, 315mm. Maximum lead load of 20 000 kg. Wheel blocks can also be moved and aligned laterally after they have been installed in end-carriages.

The request for wheel blocks should include:

  • Nominal wheel load, kg
  • Duty mode
  • Travel speed

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