Power Supply

Podem offers products of industries well-known worldwide manufacturers:

Festoon system

Festoon systems are practical, efficient and safe for the power supply distribution on cranes, overhead cranes and other types of mobile equipment, etc. Made of galvanized steel and complete with the accessories needed for its assembly and use. Product available also in STAINLESS STEEL AISI 304/316 and with ATEX certificate.

Enclosed conductor systems (bus-bars)

Enclosed conductor system is safe and reliable power supply for all new cranes. It is strongly recommended in all cases of modernization of existing systems. Bus bars from Podem are with a modern design, accident proof, with moving current collectors, to feed cranes and hoists. Accomplishing international standards, the conductor system offers the maximum guarantee against undesirable accidental contacts, allows a fast assembly and a reliable working performance:

  • Compact, reliable and safe electrical power supply
  • Continuous copper conductor system: 35 – 320 A
  • Jointed copper conductor system: 50 – 400 A
  • Safety features complying with European Low Voltage directive 2006/95/EC
  • IP23/IP44 protection class possible
  • Modular concept and easy mounting
  • High grade 99,9% pure copper conductors
  • Low wear of brushes and trolleys
  • Options for special applications (galvanizing, steel mill, cement industry)

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