Special Solutions

Podem also offers solutions for many specific industries on base of standard components with the respective  project modifications.

Steel construction

A wide range of lifting capacities suitable for the handling processes with standard hook or magnetic equipment. Option for rotating trolleys for optimum use of the available space

Steel handling

Transport of steel and aluminium coils with coil magnet or coil tongs as the load handling attachment. Operator control by cabin or radio remote.

Pre-cast industry

Gantry or EOT cranes for indoor or outdoor application. Precise handling of rebars or proper demoulding of precast concrete.

Hydro-power plants

High capacities and high lifting heights.


For smoot production process with Equipped with several lifting heights or capacities in the same bridge.


Suspension cranes with multiple suspensions and spans up to 100m


Special protection of the components in order to work in chemical aggressive environment and non-standard temperatures


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