Standard Crane Kits

Our crane kits save your time for design and crane assembling and optimize your expenses for transport and labour cost.

Many standard components could be combined to wide variety of configurations to meet variety of specific customer requirements. We could support your steelwork for main girder with fabrication drawings under request with focus not only to the safety, but also on cost-effectiveness.

All components offered with attention to detail – including electrical plug and socket connections, towing arms, buffers and marking and brand stickers.

Electrical components are coming from reputable international suppliers.

Standard components included in our crane kit:

  • Monorail or double rail hoist unit
  • End carriages (end-trucks) with connection plates and bolts
  • Travel drives – motor-reducers
  • Crane electrical control panel
  • Push button control pendant
  • Festoon system and cable set
  • Bus bar system for power supply of runway
  • All fixings and accessories
  • Proper packing

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