Standard Hoists

Podem offers a wide range of standard hoists covering applications up-to 50t and lifting heights up to 65m.

Monorail – Low Headroom

Low headroom wire rope hoist Podem

Most common solution for single girder crane with demand for optimized below-the-hook building working space. Compact design for maximum space utilization. The only one low room headroom trolley solution in the world with two electrical  motors drive units with planetary gearbox. The balancing is easily adjustable counterweight suitable for any crane girder design.

Monorail – Normal Headroom

Normal Headroom Hoist Podem

Application in single girder cranes where below-the-hook space is not important factor. Normal headroom design enables the hoist to operate directly under and parallel with the crane or runway beam. Suspension with 8 wheels decreases the wheel load and optimize the beam flange. Optional with trolleys for curve path (Radius from 1m).

Stationary/foot mounted

Stationary-food-mounted hoist Podem

Most common clients – crane manufacturers with capabilities to design and produce double girder trolleys. Application for crane producers or for special trolley execution for special applications. Easy assembling and standard fixing.


Podem standard hoist technical parameters:

  • Capacity: from 1 to 50 tonnes (standard monorail maximum 20t)
  • Reeving: 4/1, 2/1 or true-vertical 4/2
  • Lifting heights: 7-65m
  • Lifting speed: 0.4-12 m/min
  • Travel speeds: 0.2-20 m/min

Standard hoist includes: cylindrical motors with build-in brakes (400V/50Hz), el. Equipment (48V); two speeds of lifting and travelling; load limiter with load cell and according to the region; galvanized rope; hook block, pendant control with fast plug connector. Upon request we do provide hoists with conical motors up to 10t.

Technical features on request:

  • Various power supply. Standard is 400Hz/50Hz.
  • Ability to operate in various environmental conditions and climatic zones as temperatures -40C, +50C, +60C. Standard: -20/+40C.
  • Radio remote control. Standard: cable pendant
  • Special lifting heights

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