About us

Podemcrane is a trusted crane component supplier with developed partners network in over 60 counties worldwide.

We provide reliable hoisting solutions and other crane components for most industries. Our in-house design capabilities, internally regulated technology and production, together with our customer orientated management allows us to offer best options for products to meet market demands and individual needs.


We aim to be global trustworthy supplier.

Our organization purpose is to provide a complete range of reliable crane components to the independent crane manufacturers and end users around the world.

Our Values

  • We keep our promises.
  • We try hard to satisfy our customers

Sustainable efficiency

  • We try to constantly improve
  • Strive for operational efficiency





Warehouse-packing-area-hoistsHaving produced hoists for the last 60 years. PODEM brand stands as one of the most experienced in the world.

We have implemented full expertise in hoist production as almost all parts and components are produced in house.

  • Located in Bulgaria, Podemcrane operates the biggest integrated hoist manufacturing facility in Europe by number of hoists produced.
  • In-house design and integrated production allow for swift customer demand
  • We employ modern technology and machines that guarantee high quality of produced parts and components as per EU regulations.
  • Inspired by its corporate values, we constantly improve production efficiency and find solutions to achieve competitive cost therefore competitive pricing.
  • All our products bear the CE mark for compliance with the health and safety requirements of the European Union – the Machinery Directive, European directives and regulations



                                       Engineering R&D

The experienced team of design engineers work to ensure our products correspond to the market standards and customer’s reliability requirements

We work to ensure your business gets most reliable crane components at the best price. In addition, because of the robust construction, the customer gets additional safety, reliability and longer operational life-cycles. Our reliable design is proven in millions of hoists around the world, many of which operating for decades and in different environmental conditions.

  • We offer engineering to match the individual needs of all our customers.
  • Our integrated testing facilities is important part not only for new product development, but also for all products departing our facility.