Crane Components

About Podem’s Crane Components

Podem offers a wide range of components for new crane installations as well as for the modernization of existing ones. All of them are engineered to be reliable and provide fast and easy service so the manufacturing process can continue with as little delay as possible.

Podem’s crane components can be individually engineered to suit different client requirements and environmental conditions.


Crane Electrical Parts

The electrical parts of a crane system are as important as any other component.

Podem provides motors, reducers, festoon systems, electrical panels, etc., for new crane installations and for the modernization of old ones. The company has a team of electrical engineers who ensure the proper electrical component equipment is selected and installed.

More modifications and additional components are possible upon request.


Crane End Carriages

Podem offers a variety of end carriages for single and double-girder cranes. The box girder design and quality components made it possible to manufacture end carriages that cover a wide range of cranes’ spans and capacities.

For the wider spans, the end carriages (end trucks) have additional wheel blocks. The wheels are made of two materials – cast iron and steel. More configurations of crane end trucks are available upon request.


Crane Spare Parts

For a crane to operate for a long time, it needs to be supplied with additional components.

Replacing the worn-out parts or upgrading the old ones can ensure longer use of the crane system. Podem provides a great variety of spare parts for crane components like hoists, end carriages, electrical equipment, accessories, etc.

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Custom Crane Components

The integrated manufacturing process and the skilled team of engineers make it possible for Podem to create custom products to suit specific business needs.

Some of the customizations made throughout the years:

  • explosion resistant hoist
  • hoist with custom made reeving system
  • top connection end carriages for double girder cranes
  • end carriages for gantry crane
  • custom-made travel trolleys

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Podem’s Crane Components High-Quality Products?

Podem’s components are engineered and produced using quality materials to ensure reliability.

Are Your Components and Parts Easy to Assemble and Install?

The components are compatible with parts from other manufacturers to ensure easier assembly.

Do You Offer Parts and Components for Different Crane Brands?

Yes, Podem can provide different components for a variety of crane manufacturing brands.