We are famous for producing durable crane components with long service life. In many parts of the world customers run our hoists for decades.

We do produce our products in-house on the base of global material sourcing, thus giving us advantageous flexibility.

Our product range completes the individual need of crane production and service companies and offers:

  • Durability combined with excellent price/performance ratio, We give more for less
  • Robust, safe and reliable components
  • We do adapt our standard products for certain markets and regions
  • Full range of products for any crane manufacturer
  • wide range of technical characteristics of the products thanks to our knowledge of the market
  • spare parts policy bringing cost-effective aftersales service
  • Longer life of the products
  • Attractive delivery terms even for non-standard products

All products bear the CE mark for compliance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.