Crane Hoists and Hoisting Equipment

Podem has a long history as a manufacturer of hoists and hoisting equipment. The experienced team of design engineers, electrical engineers and technologists have designed the products to be recognizable, durable and with long service life.

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About Podem’s Hoists

Since 1961, the company has manufactured crane hoists that have made a name for themselves as reliable, efficient, and with a long service life. The company has an integrated factory, which enables them to respond to specific demands.

For the hoists, it is possible to customize lifting height, lifting and travel speed, duty mode, reeving, travel trolleys, etc.


Wire Rope Hoists

The standard wire rope hoist range and the modifications Podem offers cover most of the market demands.

The hoists are categorized into a couple of series:

  • MTM (or just MT) series – It is the most standardized, covering ranges from 1-10t.
  • M series – This is the heavy lifting series covering ranges from 8-50t.
  • MTL series – This series is used for great operational heights – up to 56m.

All of them use standard 2/1 or 4/1 reeving systems, with options for more custom solutions.

Podem hoists use the following suspension types:

  • Stationary (also called foot-mounted) is the most basic. From there, different components are attached to create all of the other suspensions.
  • A normal headroom is for single girder cranes (bridge cranes and overhead cranes), where space is not an issue. The hoist operates directly under the runway beam.
  • A low headroom is best used for single girder cranes in industrial buildings that require a reduction in height to save on building, heating, or cooling costs. This type of suspension ensures maximum utilization of the space.
  • The double rail type is applied when greater load capacity is required.
  • Heavy-duty applications.

The rope installed in every wire rope hoist from Podem is a high-tension galvanized rope with a steel core and tensile strength min 2160 N/mm2.

Chain Hoists

Podem offers an electric chain hoist series CLF that covers loads capacities of 125 – 2000 kg.

The key features that clients appreciate most are efficient performance, durable yet compact design and easy maintenance. CLF series hoists are an economical solution for any workshop needs.

The reeving systems used are 1/1 and 2/1, and the suspension types are:

  • Stationary – using Podem’s eye bolt, as there is also an option for a top hook.
  • Push trolley – using a manually operated trolley used in low-capacity cranes.
  • Electric trolley – using motorized traveling trolley, recommended for higher than 1000 kg load capacity.

Podem uses a galvanized alloy steel chain, class DAT, which is highly resistant to fatigue and wear, conforming to EN 818-7.

Custom Hoists

Based on the client’s individual needs, Podem has the resources to create a more custom hoist design. That is possible because of the in-house manufacturing process and the engineers from different fields.

Some of Podem’s client-specific customizations throughout the years include:

  • “Twin hoists” – programmed to work simultaneously
  • Underslung suspended double girder hoist
  • Articulating hoist
  • Explosion resistant hoist
  • Anti-sway system for the hoist
  • Auxiliary hoist


Compliant and Certified

Podem manufactures its products in compliance with the latest regulations and standards. In some countries, the company is even undergoing a certification process to meet local and national standards and become even more versatile.


Engineering Excellence

For over 60 years, Podem’s engineers have proved their expertise in designing reliable and long-lasting lifting equipment. They invest all of their time and skills to make sure the end product will meet the individual needs of any customer and serve them for decades in different environmental conditions.


Standard and Custom Solutions

Podem’s standard wire rope hoist range covers over 90% of the market demands. The standard load capacities are up to 50 t, but with the solution “twin hoists,” it could reach up to 100 t.

The company is also one of the few manufacturers that can provide custom modifications and features to their standard line of lifting equipment. This is possible because of the integrated hoist manufacturing facility, which is one of the few in Europe.


Diverse Product Range 

Podem offers a wide range of crane components, accessories, and features for new crane systems and the modernization of existing cranes, whether standard or custom-built.



Frequently Asked Questions

Are Podem’s Crane Hoists with Long Service Life?

Some of Podem’s hoisting equipment has been used for decades by customers.

What Type of Suspensions Does Podem Offer?

Podem offers stationary, normal headroom, low headroom, and double rail suspensions.

Does Podem Offer Custom Hoist Production upon Request?

Yes, the company can manufacture products based on customer’s request.