Podemcrane to deliver 12 cranes for pump stations in Moldova

Podemcrane AD will supply 12 electrical overhead cranes for pump stations for two irrigation projects in Moldova – Lower Prut area and Nistru river. The rehabilitation works will be funded by the U.S. Government through the Millennium Challenge Compact and will include the reconstruction of the premises of the pump stations, installation of electro-mechanical equipment, installation of new water intake and control structures, replacement of the water supply network with HDPE pipes, replacement of hydrants, installation of mobile water meters, rehabilitation of the drainage system and other major works that will modernize the irrigation system. The irrigation systems were put into operation in the 70s of the last century and are now in disrepair and only partially operational.

These systems will be rehabilitated by Sade, France, and the consortium of Romanian companies Hidroconstructia and Iamsat Muntenia.Podemcrane AD is subcontractor of Sade, Moldova and installation of cranes will be done by its representative in Moldova – Elcomlux SRL.

The rehabilitation of the irrigation systems will enable the farmers to reduce the operation and maintenance costs and to open more development opportunities.