Crane Electrical Parts

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Podem’s Crane Electrical Parts

Podem has a great inventory of crane electrical equipment, components and accessories for overhead cranes, (bridge cranes), gantry cranes, custom cranes etc.

The company has a dedicated electrical engineering team that ensures every electrical component is connected correctly and powered. They also respond to client requests for any additional features to be included in the crane’s electrical components.

Crane Lifting Motors

Podem offers various lifting motors as part of their crane components selection. Many additional motor features (force cooling, ventilation, higher IP rating, encoder, handbrake release, etc.) are possible upon request.

Crane Lifting Motors

Cylindrical Motor with Built-in Electromagnetic DC Brake

This motor is equipped with an electromagnetic spring-pressure brake with negative action on the non-drive end. Without a power supply, the brake anchor gets pressed to a friction disk under the pressure of helical springs and stops its motion.

The shafts are made of a special steel. The direct current brakes are powered through a high-speed rectifier, usually connected to the motor terminal board. DC brakes assure precise load positioning.

Conical Motor with Integrated Mechanical Brake

The brake uses the electromagnetic field of the motor and the opening of the brake sliding of the rotor after switching on the power supply.

When the power is turned off, the brake automatically slides back and stops the motor. The brake itself has no independent supply, and it minimizes the braking time in a straightforward and economical way.

This type of motor is simple, robust and reliable. The brake has an integrated fan, which ensures fast heat energy dissipation.

The start current values are much higher than the cylindrical motors because of the mechanical brake start-release moment. Rotor brakes are suitable when no high braking torque is needed. Podem does not recommend VFD with them.

Travel Motor

There is only a cylindrical travel motor type with built-in DC brake available.

Control Units

The control unit is carefully designed by Podem’s electrical engineers.

It is based on the features of the crane:

  • Hoist configuration
  • Lifting and travel motors
  • Additional safety systems, etc.

The electrical panel is a contactor-relay type that is a simple solution for the hoist control.

Conventional electrical components have stable performance in different weather conditions and ambient temperatures. They are not sensitive to electromagnetic impact.

This type of panel is low-cost maintenance and easy to service in every part of the world.

Crane Lifting Motors

Sensors and Feedback Devices

Podem Datalogger is the latest addition to the hoist’s safety features.

This new innovative device (load limiter and data collection in one) increases the safety operations of the crane. It monitors its actual use to further adapt the best maintenance strategy and operations, thus bringing additional value to the business.

There is also motor overheating protection and an innovative inching control with two configurable limits to avoid the misuse of the hoist. Delay programming for double-speed motor functions assists in the smoother change of speeds.

Podem Datalogger collects and processes data from sources such as load cells, temperature sensors, VFD alarms and errors. Thanks to the cycle recording and the multi-component Safe Working Period calculation (done both according to FEM, EN and ISO 12482), the users are guided to apply the best condition-based maintenance.

Podem uses an overload limiter load cell (also called a dynamometric pin) to ensure the hoist is not overloaded. It converts forces into a measurable electrical output that can be read and recorded. The dynamometric pin is made from stainless steel and has different configurations of maximal loads.

The upper and lower limit switches are safety devices that prevent a hoist from reaching the hook block and hoist body. The upper/lower limit switches added to Podem’s hoists are rope-guide-activated. There are integrated 3 independent NC contact systems (up/down/ Emergency contact system for cutting the Main contractor).

Sensors and Feedback Devices

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

VFD provides enhanced motor performance by controlling the speed to nearly zero before releasing the brake. That way, the break wear out is reduced, and the longevity of the equipment is increased.

The VFD control reduces load sway, improving the crane operator’s safety. Variable Frequency Drive is more sensitive to ambient temperatures and weather conditions.

Podem also offers adaptive VFD for even more improved performance of the hoist. It can provide up to 50% higher lifting speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the Lifting Motors Podem Uses Have Thermal Protection?

Yes, thermal protection is by default for all lifting motors.

Do you ship crane electrical parts worldwide?

Yes, distribution is possible in over 60 countries around the world.

Does Podem Offer Additional Features for the Electrical Components of an Overhead Crane?

Podem offers a wide range of features and components to upgrade the electrical parts of a crane.