Crane End Trucks

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Podem’s Crane End Trucks and Carriages

Podem manufactures motorized end carriages for single and double-girder cranes. They are made from a rectangular tube or welded structure and operate in ambient temperatures from -20 °C to +40 °C (other ambient temperatures upon request).

The wheels used in the end carriages and wheel blocks are made from cast iron (GJS 700-2) or heat-treated steel (42CrMo4). Their accessibility is easy via the end plates on which the buffers are mounted.

Podem’s wide range of crane components includes standard end carriages from 2 to 16 t of capacity and 6 to 30 m in crane span for the single girder cranes. The range for the double girder cranes ranges from 2.5 to 50 t of capacity and 6 to 35 m in span.

The cranes ranging from 1 to 10 t of capacity and from 3 to 21 m in span can use standardized underslung solutions. More custom solutions upon request.

See the catalog for end carriages selection tables.

Precision Motor-Reducer Technologies

Podem also offers crane electrical parts and has calculated the required motor reducers for every kit of standardized end carriages (for both single and double girder cranes) and has converted the information into a few selection tables.

The standard speed for top and side connections is 40 m/min with an inverter; 30 m/min is optional. For underslung end carriages, the standard speed is 20 m/min, with other speeds available upon request. The torque arm on which the motor reducer is mounted uses a bolted connection and is self-aligning.

Check the end carriages catalog for more technical information.

Structural Integrity and Load Distribution

The end trucks are manufactured according to ISO 12488-1 – Tolerance class 2. The rectangular tube used for the production of the end trucks and wheel blocks has been extensively calculated and tested to ensure the structural integrity of the end product.

The standardized connection to the main girder is with high-tensile bolts (other options upon request). All of the end carriages have been calculated, and the appropriate buffers (bumpers) have been chosen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Warranty Period for Your Crane End Trucks?

Every end product from Podem has a 24-month warranty period.

Do You Ship Crane End Trucks Worldwide?

Podem ships crane components and spare parts to over 60 countries worldwide.

How Can I Order Crane End Trucks from Podem?

Contact Podem by filling out the form or sending an email.