Bridge Crane Kits

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The overhead (bridge) crane kits range Podem offers is an easy and compact solution for assembling any industrial crane with a wire rope hoist, whether it is indoors or outdoors. The kits are similar to the gantry crane kits, with the exception that for the overhead ones the end carriages are included.

With the company’s integrated manufacturing process and design engineers, customization is possible for many of the components and their capacities, hence satisfying the customer’s business needs.

Single and Double Girder Configurations

Based on the future application of the crane system, the engineers at Podem calculate and decide on the best components for the crane kit. That includes whether it is a single girder or a double girder crane kit.

The company has a variety of configurations for both girder-type cranes. From there on, the optimal end carriages (end trucks), hoist and suspension, electrical equipment, etc., are chosen by Podem’s engineer manufacturers to create an end product best suited for the business needs of the client.

Additional Safety Features

Depending on the environment in which the product operates and its work process, Podem can offer additional safety features. Some of them are to ensure that the hoist would endure the aggressive working environment or harsh outside conditions.

Others are to make the work process more convenient and safe:

  • Antisway system
  • Load display
  • Under hook devices
  • Sirens and lights
  • Hoist coating and paint

More features can be added upon request.

High-Speed and Variable Frequency Drives

Two-Speed Control

Two-speed control is Podem’s most cost-effective solution. Two-speed contactor controls don’t offer smooth acceleration or deceleration. The motor brake is used to slow down the crane’s speed. The positioning is more accurate when it is done with Micro speed.


Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is an electrical device that controls the speed of the motor.

VFD provides better performance and prolongs the equipment’s longevity. It controls the motor speed to almost zero before the brake is released, hence reducing brake wear out. This leads to reduced sway of the load, equipment longevity and increased safety.

Adaptive VFD

Adaptive VFD is the next step to improve the work of the hoist. It has all the benefits of VFD control plus up to 50% higher lifting speed. Depending on the capacity utilization of the hoist, the lifting speed is adjusted sleeplessly, which brings efficiency.

Custom Overhead Crane Kit Options

The company can offer custom crane kit solutions based on what the client needs for their industry and business process.

That is possible because of the integrated manufacturing process, in which design engineers, electrical engineers and quality control experts work in unison. That way, the end product is made to be more reliable and with the needed modifications to ensure easier use for the workers.

Common inquiries for customizations include:

  • Span
  • Capacity
  • Duty rating
  • Additional accessories and components
  • Higher lifting and/or traveling speeds

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Podem’s Overhead Bridge Crane Kits Easy to Install?

Yes, the engineering team invested a great deal of time into making them easy and convenient to install.

How Long Will It Take for My Order to Be Completed?

Based on how customised the end product is, it may take up to 21 days for engineering and up to 70 days for manufacturing.

Do You Supply Overhead Crane Kits in All Countries?

Podem offers components and crane kits for bridge cranes in more than 60 countries around the world.