Gantry Crane Kits

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The gantry crane kits Podem offers are engineered to be reliable and convenient for the client and the crane operator.

All of the main components are included, such as hoist, festoon system, electrical parts and accessories, etc. Podem has categorized its most commonly ordered crane kits and offers customized solutions to fulfill the client’s needs and guarantee safe operation.

Single and Double Girder Configurations

Podem offers different solutions based on whether they are for single-girder or double-girder crane kits.

Considering the building in which the crane is to be situated and the client’s needs, the company offers the optimal solution for the hoist suspension and the end carriages (end trucks).

More custom solutions are possible upon request. The company also offers bridge crane and overhead crane kits as well as end carriages with casted iron or steel wheels.

Additional Safety Features

The engineering team can integrate additional components, systems and accessories based on the customer’s needs. This ensures even safer use of the end products and prolonged exploitation time, even when in harsh working conditions, which are both highly regarded in any manufacturing process.

Some commonly added additional safety features are:

  • Antisway system – decreasing hook swaying after moving the crane
  • Load display
  • Under hook devices
  • Sirens and lights

Heavy-Duty Hoisting Systems

The company has different hoisting series based on their construction, capacity and use cases. Even so, when the client has a specific need, the engineers can adjust the standard products. The most common is the need for heavier lifting capacity.

That can be achieved in several ways:

  • The heavy lifting hoist series “M”
  • Changing the reeving system.
  • Making a “twin hoists” solution.

Each solution is considered and manufactured to comply with the client’s needs.

Extended Crane Lifespan

Podem’s crane system components have been calculated by engineers using a dedicated program and then tested in the in-house testing section. This extensive process ensures that the end products are as reliable as possible.

Custom Gantry Crane Kits

Podem’s integrated manufacturing process enables them to respond to demands for custom-made crane kit solutions. Different industries and working environments demand various capacities modifications to ensure safer use for the employees and the machine operators.

Here are some of the more commonly required customizations:

  • Span
  • Capacity
  • Hoist coating and paint
  • Duty rating
  • Additional accessories and components
  • Higher lifting and traveling speeds

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Podem’s Gantry Crane Kits Easy to Install?

Yes, the engineers had made them fast and easy to install.

How Long Will It Take for My Order to Be Completed?

Based on how customized the end product is, it may take up to 21 days for engineering and up to 70 days for manufacturing.

Do You Supply Gantry Crane Kits in All Countries?

Podem offers components and crane kits in more than 60 countries worldwide. Contact us to check the current availability of components or order a custom solution and we will ship it to your country.