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Based on the client’s needs, Podem can make adjustments and modifications to the crane components as they are being manufactured in the integrated facility.

There are different industries that require more specific configurations to be made to the hoist. That is when the company’s team of engineers shows their skills.

Tailored Engineering for Unique Needs

Podem has a team of engineers who calculate, design and adjust different components to create a custom crane hoist that will satisfy the client’s business needs.

The company’s hoist customization capabilities also cover the reeving system, the coating, the suspension of the hoist, etc.

Custom Load Capacities

A hoist’s load capacity can be increased by changing the reeving system and/or duty mode of the hoist or by choosing the so-called “twin hoists” solution. The “twin hoists” solution is when two hoists lift the load simultaneously.

The company’s engineers calculate the reeving system and duty rating to suit the client’s specific needs.

Podem has offered custom reeving solutions such as 4:2, 6:1, 8:1, etc., to clients that needed their hoists to lift heavier and yet be as compact as possible.

Application-Specific Configurations

The hoist is an assembly of many different components. Those components can be changed to suit application-specific needs. The different safety systems can also be configured.

One of the most commonly added customizations is the antisway system, which prevents the swinging of the load after the crane stops moving.

Podem also offers different under-hook devices, additional electrical configurations and components, safety features, crane accessories, etc., upon request.

Material Selection and Coating

The materials for the different components and the coating of the hoist are selected based on the environmental conditions or the specific manufacturing setup.

Some of Podem’s hoists clients order are to be used in melting houses, which means they need to operate at very high ambient temperatures; others need their hoists to be explosion-resistant.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Warranty Period for the Products?

The warranty period for all of Podem’s end products is 24 months.

How Long Will It Take for You to Manufacture a Custom Hoist?

Depending on the level of customization, it may take up to 21 days for engineering and up to 70 days for manufacturing.

Is Podem a Reliable Custom Hoist Manufacturer?

Podom has been in the hoist manufacturing business since 1961 and has reached over 2,000,000 million hoists sold, with an extensive partner network.