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Podem offers electric chain hoists as an economical and durable solution for loads up to 2000 kg in a compact design. These are highly appreciated features in the industrial crane niche. The company also offers manual chain hoists for 100 – 5000 kg.

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Podem’s Chain Hoists

The electric chain hoists series CLF and the manual chain hoists series FH from Podem are compact yet efficient lifting mechanisms.

All components are made in the European Union and confirmed by the CE marks. Podem’s crane chain hoists are made to be durable and easy to use. Those qualities are highly regarded in any workshop space and manufacturing facility.

Chain Strength and Materials

Podem uses galvanized alloy steel chains, class DAT, for both the manual and electric hoist series, which are highly resistant to fatigue and wear and conform to EN 818-7.

Electric Chain and Manual Chain Hoists

The chain hoists from Podem are offered in two series:

  • Series CLF is the electrical chain hoist with all of its different suspension options, load capacities (125 – 2000 kg) and other additional components.
  • Series FH are simple manual chain hoists, available in 100 – 5000 kg capacities with galvanized hardened chain and stainless steel body.

The reeving types available for both series are 1:1 and 2:1.

Various Mounting Options

Podem’s CLF series electric chain hoists are preferred over bulky wire rope hoists in different workshops and small manufacturing spaces.

They come in the following suspensions:

  • Stationary – using Podem’s eye bolt, as there is also an option for a top hook.
  • Push trolley – using a manually operated trolley used in low-capacity cranes.
  • Electric trolley – using motorized traveling trolley, recommended for higher than 1000 kg load capacity.

For the manual chain hoists, the top hook solution is standard.

Industrial Applications

Chain hoists for cranes are used in workshops and manufacturing buildings. They can also be used as an auxiliary solution or to entirely replace the low-capacity rope hoists, which are bulky and more expensive.

Podem’s chain hoists are an efficient and cost-effective solution for many industries. The company can provide various custom hoist solutions upon request.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Suspension Options for the Chain Hoists?

The options available are stationary (offered with an eye bolt or a top hook), push or electric trolley. As for the manual chain hoist, it is only offered with a top hook.

Is Podem a Reliable Chain Hoist Manufacturer?

Podem has been in the hoist manufacturing business since 1961, and to this day, many customers continue to use their hoists for decades after ordering them.